Beech Wood Green Burial 

                                                  " one with nature"

                                                                                         Beech Wood, Boston


If a coffin is used it must be fully biodegradable. Suitable materials are non-rainforest wood, wicker, bamboo or cardboard. Similarly ashes may be buried in a biodegradable casket or simply placed in the grave.

No non-biodegradable articles can be placed in the coffin or grave.


To maintain the natural surroundings no graveside plantings or adornments are permitted. 

Simple floral tributes are allowed at the burial but they must be unwrapped and tied with natural fibre. They will be removed at the discretion of the Boston Woods Trust.

Each grave will be marked with a piece of Lakeland Green Slate with the deceased's details and a plan of the site maintained recording every burial.

No trees or other plants may be planted at the grave but there are opportunities to adopt an established tree or dedicate a seat. 

Best printed  double sided on A4 paper

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